Sunday, June 28, 2009

MJ! Thrill the other world...

It was in year 1987, when a cousin of mine played the album 'Thriller' to me. That was the 1st time I heard a music, which was called as Pop music. I fell in love with the album, all, with my zero knowledge in music. Today, if I listen to the same album, I still love it, with different reasons though. Today I wonder about the eclectic styles of songs in the album. The brilliant usage of synthesizers. Fantastic tunes. Ideas. Well, that was Michael Jackson. On one end, the music was about a dance number, while on the other, it was a ballad, or soft-rock, then anthemic etc etc. The album 'Thriller' was one such piece with a fine assortment. While 'Beat It' had rock elements, Wannabe Starting Something had brilliant synth work. Human Nature (my favourite) is one song that can dispel the myth that MJ was all about howling and dancing, for it had such a beautiful melody.

Controversies aside, it is no mean achievement that his music penetrated into the masses, of not just one country but the whole world. Everyone, everywhere knew him and his music. And while his music covered the whole spectrum of 'brilliant compositions' to 'senseless music', it is absolutely phenomenal that his usage of electronic music laid the path for Pop music. Ofcourse, many genres of music had their own place and they all had icons who defined those genres. Yet, the music made by Jackson, was admired by all, even by those icons themselves.

For me, Jackson's music worked, more for the layers, the electronics, new sounds, the ideas on synth elements, rather than his singing. I call only 4 albums from his repertoire as my favourites and yet, they entertained me and still impress me.

1. Thriller (complete album)
2. Bad
3. Dangerous
4. History

Despite all those controversies, it is that music, that somehow clicked for me and it shall continue to, because whats left is not the person or the controversies, but his music, spanning diverse styles, within a single genre - Pop.


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