Friday, March 03, 2006

Sangeet Saritha

Yesterday morning, I was listening to Sangeet Saritha on Vividha Bhaarathi at 7:30 AM, and a gentleman was explaining raga Basanth Mukhaari:

Basanth Mukhaari corresponds to Vakulaabharanam, the 14th Melakartha of carnatic music-- one can identify it as a close kin of MaayaaMaalava Gowla (called Bhairav in Hindustani)-- only the nishaadam is different.
Basanth Mukhaari has the puurvaanga (s r2 g3 m1) of Bhairav, and the uttaraanga of Bhairavi (Sindhu Bhairavi-- p d1 n2 s). In that sense, this raga depicts the coming together of Shiva and Parvathi into one Ardhanaareeshwara roopa of Shiva.

A beautiful thought!