Saturday, July 16, 2005

New Stuff on the Bloc

Two soundtracks which i got to listen to:

1. The Rising : A.R.Rahman

not so great album except for 2 songs...atleast i didnt like...during 1st hearing (i dont know my opinion with every rahman album). not so impressive..especially if we consider the fantastic combination of Rahman-Javed Akhtar...this one surely disappoints..

2 . Yahaan : Shantanu Moitra

Two songs are damn good..especially "naam adhaa likhna" shaan and shreya goshal...guys! she is surpassing herself with every recent singer has been so consistent... When i first heard her in Devdas, i knew she will go places...then Jism(chalo tumko lekar chale), Julie Ganapathy..and couple of Tamil songs for Raaja, Parineeta etc.,,. and now Yahaan..

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Close Encounters

though i have lot to write, i just came across an interesting blog... one damn lucky guy wrote abt his wonderful experience...of meeting & interacting with Ilaiyaraaja.
for the nth time, i asked myself "mera number kab aayega?" on...

when will i get a chance machaa!!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

An Ode to a Master-piece

it will be raining ilaiyaraaja this month.i want to write about the "live @ Italy" concert cd which i got just yesterday..but wait..there is more...

Ilaiyaraaja's oratorio has been released. though i didnt get my copy yet, i have asked some people who already listened to it. most of them used abstract phrases like "1000v shock", "1440v shock" to define the album. for me, the eagerness pumped up more when c.raghu called me up today morning. i was in the class-room..listening to a lecture. he yelled that the tracks are out of the world. the collector's edition which i ordered is going to arrive next monday..but i cant wait. someone just mailed me that the album is available in sangeet sagar i am going to try my luck today.

meanwhile, i got a mail from an online friend of mine, in which she posted a piece of poetry written by her daughter. when i read the poetry..i felt " shitt!!! what am i.." i am humbled. i better post the mail it goes:

After listening to the symphony for the first time my daughter left for the terrace with paper and pen and came back after 20 minutes, and she surprised us with the following.


O thou ! Divine masterpiece
Were thou made to be,
The aim of my life?
Thou on whose flow
My body wages war
Within itself
My mouth pleads me 'Speak no more!
'My eyes crave
To visualize thy making
My skin crackles
Under thy flowMy nose drooles
Unable to do anything
Though hath made my earsVital,

supreme and blessed
For all my parts long to be one
They turn instead to the king
Who struggles to withstand
The tumult of thy harmonies
Oh! Thou hath poured
New meaning into my soul
Blessed are those who Feel as I feel,

Hear as I hear
But find thy soul
In thy confines!
For I am cursed
Not to know your tongue
Oh! Thy creator,
A boon to mankind
Hath purified me
Art thou the answer

To the mysteries of universe?
Then I pray god
"Lift my curse
Let me be free
Let its thoughts flow through me
"Oh thou! on whose face
This stands no chance.

Penned By B.K.Harini (Standard 10)