Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pulp Fiction -- Mayamalavagowla

The theme of Pulp Fiction --


Gandaragolaka said...

thats unfair! the initial conversation is edited out!!

Sketchy Self said...

sorry boss...that's all i could find :D

Aakarsh said...

just downloaded it! truly amazing

PS said...

just chanced on this blog on some random google search.. awesome blog!
v. interesting raga connection.. I just tried playing this song on the violin, and having practised mayamalavagowla a lot, I could surprisingly play this piece rather easily :) It does have a very prominent anya swara in N2 though.

But then when you say so-and-so song is "authentic" so-and-so raga, I feel that is quite debatable. Coz music is after all nothing but bunch of notes, and all genres are isomorphic to each other in that sense. But all that is common here really is just the scale. Mayamalavagowla is more than just a scale. Its got a character of its own, and thats missing in songs from other genres. For that matter all minor scale songs will have a resemblance to kiravani and major scale pieces will sound like sankarabaranam. But the gamakam in ri (ri-ga-ri) is unique to sankarabaranam and gives it its character.

BTW I once chanced on a blog where a guy had overlayed a kiravani alaap on the hotel california intro. Sounded amazing!