Friday, August 19, 2005


Well, let me attempt to write abt Gowimanohari as well, since I am this semi-classical mode these days, and I already had a small discussion abt Gowrimanohari. I am sure junta will add to the list.

As Ravi put it, this is one of the most under-rated ragas. Also, its very catchy and easy to identify!

To me, the melodic- expression "d2-n3---d2---p---, m1-p---g2---m1---p" defines the raga.

Let me start with tamil, because the following song is the one that got me into identifying the raga--

1)Paatum naane-- Thiruvilayadal: T.M.Soundararajan starts off with a rather boisterous note, and then takes off on a vigourous voyage. Only one word describes this one-- energy. This raga can carry any amount of energy on its shoulders with such ease!! Listen to it!

Of course, you can watch the whole movie... its good.. some other songs from it are good as well --pazham neeyappa: Jaunpuri, Oru Naal Pothuma: ragamaalika(mostly maand.. needs a post of its own).

1) Vennello Godaari andam: The King at work again... this one exposes the softer, yet more intense expression of pathos. .. has a very weirdly catchy start.

If anyone can find any other song in telugu, I will be grateful!

In Hindustani, this raga goes by the name "Patdeep".. it is basically viewed as Bhimpalasi (Abheri) with a shuddh nishad (n3) instead of komal nishad (n2).. for the same reason, r2 and d2 are not used in Arohana. (anyone get it?? r2d2!!!)

1)Megha chhaaye adhi raat: Camena Immortalis (Immortal song) if one ever existed! To talk abt the composer or the lyrics, let me leave it to the learned. The song begins with a sort of "differnt" guitar and drums of a normal duet.. and then the sitar restores order and gently nudges the mood into the pensive, thats characteristic of patdeep. The song seems to have been set in Khanda Chaapu taalam.

2)Chhodo mori baaiyya: This was a completely unexpected one, but then ARR did have his moments!! This is from Zubeidaa. Starts off with an alap in a different raga.. prehaps chandrakauns (if not, some kauns-anga raga that sounds like Kalyana-Vasantam--remember the duet theme by Kadri??) ... and then switches to Patdeep... A very decent and consistent composition.



Aakarsh said...

"megha chaaye" needs a separate blog for itself...
an i didnt know that the classical thumri from zubeidaa had such an eclectic mixture.but defnly it is one of the best songs of rahman(proving that he can compose even hindustani well..devoid of southie stuff)

Pingu said...

hey,I was browsing and came to know that

"doorathil naan kanda un mugam" from the tamil film "nazhalgal"(1980) sung by janaki..(ilayaraja) is also set in gowrimanohari..It is available on mio.

Maybe you could check it out and let me know..

Pingu said...


Gandaragolaka said...

good one... but unfortunately, its "vennello godaari andam" in tamil. Probably Nizhalgal came first.. I should have listed it in tamil section! Thanks for bringing this up!

Also, "Tum bin jaoo kahan" points at Patdeep...

yadbhavishya said...

Check out "Chandamama, Chandamama" song from Seemsimham (ahem... its balakrishna i know). Music by Manisharma, vocals by Hariharan and Sujata I believe.
Sounds like Gowrimanohari.

Gandaragolaka said...
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Gandaragolaka said...

Its partly gowrimanohari. The other part may be kiravani...

Arvind said...

Kanna Varuvaya by IR (manadhil urudhi vendum) is based on GM too...

imho, g m p n, n n S d p would capture its unique emotion too :-)

More on the Zubeidaa or the song in my blog