Thursday, June 09, 2005

Way To Start Dada

all these days i have been posting stuff about music on my other blog..and i often write about, had this idea of having a blog separately for music...

to start off : few interesting tit-bits about one of my favourite composers, dada burman..i mean..S.D.Burman(Sachin Dev Burman)

  • Did you know that S D Burman was a disciple of Manna Dey's uncle K C Dey?
  • Burman gave the highest place for vocals; the orchestra got secondary importance.
  • He once took a song written like a ghazal and turned it into a club song.
  • Dev Anand delayed 'Guide' by six months so that an ailing S D Burman could score the music.
  • And ofcourse, S.D.Burman scored music for Guide in just 5 days.(it is a feat...isnt it? a classic album like just 5 days..what kind of brain is that!!! )

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