Friday, June 10, 2005

And The Wait Continues

one mr.Ramya Kannan, a journalist...had the following post on his blog ( ) :

I have long believed in the Schopenhaurian theory (my paraphrase) that it is only in the contemplation of true art is the self able to rise above itself/its ego.
And today, it was so true.
A sneak preview into the Thiruvasagam in Symphony (Oratorio) by Maestro Illayaraja elevates another dull day spent clearing cobwebs and scrubbing the carpet. Some thirty people were invited by Father Jegath Gasper Raj to listen to two compositions from the Symphony.One was a rather lengthy piece from the Oratorio, and the other, a composition that is less Classical Western, more to appeal to the common man.
As I listened to the rising and falling cadences of the Oratorio, my eyes closed, i could feel the skin of my hand, the back of my neck break out in goose pimples. Apart from that physical feeling of ecstacy, I hardly was conscious of my self. Schopenhauer?!I don't know.
Maybe it was Illayaraja.


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