Sunday, November 09, 2008

A peek into Ilaiyaraaja's Tremelos

This topic was on my 'yet to blog about' list since long. A wonderful peek into the 'Tremelo effect' on string ensemble, as practised by one of the Indian Grand Masters of orchestra - Ilaiyaraaja. Even before I could blog about it, my friend Vicky came up with his take on his blog. Do read this wonderful post, where he cites few apt examples (if i were to write about same topic, i would also pick the very same songs) in which tremelo effect has been used to fine perfection, putting the painting (song), on a whole different canvas. I completely agree with the last words of Vicky, that no composer from South Asia has used tremelo effect in such evocatve way, holding listeners in a musically rapturous delight. Thanks to Vicky, for citing the right examples.


sskb said...

Hi, I've started following this blog quite recently and I'm a fan of Raja. Am looking for the background music by Raja and would appreciate if I could get a pointer..


Ramesh V said...

i m gr8 fan of illaraja...its gr8 to hear collection of songs thnx for posting....telugu songs