Friday, November 18, 2005

Main Dil hoon ek armaan bharaa...


This film belongs to 50s era. One of my most favourite songs of composer Roshan, is in this film. The song,"Main Dil Hoon ek Armaan Bharaa" , has been a favourite of mine since i was a kid. I dont know how my Dad got this lesser-known song but all i remember is that sony tape..which had a vinyl record version of this song.

Roshan was, perhaps, one genius of composer who was overshadowed by icons like Naushad,S.D.Burman,O.P.Nayyar,Salil Chaudhary etc.,. though his compositions were very popular, his name was never considered among the likes of these Dhiggajaas. One reason could be that there was never a Roshan-Style. Though he created marvelous gems, they were all different and didnt follow any particular trait of the composer. For some, it is versatality while for others, its lack of signature...whatever! its all perception. For me, he was one of the most fantastic composers of yester-years. This song by Silkvoiced Talat Mahmood underlines his genius.

main dil hoon ek armaan bharaa..
tu aake mujhe pehchaan zaraa..

khud maine husn ke haathon mein..
shaukheen kaa chalakataa jaam diyaa..
gaalon ko gulaabon kaa ruthbaa..
kaliyon ko labon kaa naam diyaaaa..
khon ko diyaa saagar gaharaa..
tu aake mujhe pehchaan zaraa..

ye sach hain teri mehfil mein..
mere afsaane kuchh bhi nahee..
par dil ki daulat ke aage..
duniyaa ke khazaane kuchh bhi nahee..
yun mujhse nigaahon ko naa churaa..
tu aake mujhe pehchaan zaraa..
Main dil hoon ek armaan bharaa..

Nice lyrics there, by an unknown Satyendra.

Roshan comes up with wonderful piano-work aptly backing a heart-touching Tune which forms the melody of the song. the entire song is carried only on the piano primarily.beautiful notes.Not to forget the most appropriate rendition by the fitting singer Talat. Tunes like these have left the world of indian film music long ago. Now and then, when i dig out some or rewind(and thereby remind) back to listen to them, apart from nostalgia, i feel the loss of such fine melody in today's music. and ofcourse,the dearth..or infact the absence of composers like Roshan too...
If only they and those times come back...thats what i wish..."main dil hoon ek Armaan bharaa".


Sketchy Self said...

Evidently this is one of those 'mehfil' songs before the grand piano, with the dinner-suit clad hero casting meaningful looks at a coy heroine with everyone else seemingly oblivious (unless there's a Rehman or KN Singh standing around). Lovely...and as you said, lacking in 'signature'...
Well-raised point though about Roshan's me his signature is usually a very well-paced song with profuse use of violins, and his rendition of ghazals and qawwalis is inimitable (Bahu begum, Taj mahal). Yet, there are such classics as "Laaga chunari mein daag" by Manna dey and "Oho re taal mile nadi ke jal mein" by mukesh. Also, in a generation where Shankar Jaikishen were synonymous with Raj kapoor, there was one film called 'Dil Hi To Hai' (from which the above song 'laaga chunari' comes) with some really cool songs :D, and an unlikely lead pair of Raj kapoor and Nutan. The songs, to me are very close to Roshan's signature, if he ever had one!

Sketchy Self said...

Not to forget "barsaat ki ek raat" of course! :D

Aakarsh said...

Very true chandhu, Roshan was identified with Qawwalis(my pick of all would be Asha's enchanting "Nigaahen Milane ko Jee chaahatha hai" from "dil hi to hai"its amazing song..).but my meaning of lack of style is in a much broader sense, examining his body of work. There are some composers who fall in this category. One more i can think of is composer Ravi.Or even Husnlal Bhagathram etc.,.
Anyways, Roshan, inspite of not associating with any particular style, created some out-of-the-world songs for many films like Bawre Nain,Chitralekha,Aarti(superb), Malhar, TajMahal(do we need to say anything),Mamta(chupa lo yun dil mein is pure bliss.. & rahe na rahe hum is sheer melodic breeze) etc.,. Today's composers cannot reach to atleast 1/50th of his level.

SVR said...

What a *nice* song. And what an amazing rendition -- "silk-voiced" totally hits the nail on the head: what a heady combination of grace and (perfectly-controlled) power in his singing...

Needless to say, I'd never heard of Roshan or this song before -- I know, this is becoming a standard refrain in my comments, I need to find more creative ways of saying it ;)