Sunday, October 09, 2005

Rare Shyaam Kalyan

Though the Quiz-1 is still on (assuming that rest of the guys didnt visit the blog yet...), i couldnt contain my enthusiasm to continue.

Today, i was casually browsing through and in the page , i came across this song "yun neend se" from the film Dard Ka rishta. The music is composed by R.D.Burman. though i have a decent collection of R.D.Burman songs, i never knew about this song before and was pleasantly surprised at the beauty of this song. R.D used raag "shyaam Kalyaan" in this song and the dominant features which give the classical effect are :

1.his tune basically. brilliant tune.
2. Kishore.
3. Tabla ( typical Burmansque style)

Kishore Kumar once again..or as always, excelled in the rendition. And R.D has used his typical violin-section+sitar interludes backed by fantastic Tabla. After the 1st line of charanam, he uses a flute aalaap (with single rhythm of tabla), which i liked a lot. he doesnt repeat the same idea during 2nd charanam. actually the interludes are quite short. But the role of tabla is not restricted to interlude or charanam alone. Even in pallavi, he changes the taala.

another interesting aspect is the counter-melody on violins. during pallavi,the violins counter-melody start at the words "jaane chaman" and they take a different ascent while kishore classicalises the tune.Even as the charanams end,the last lines, which are in the the tune of pallavi, have the same counter-melody structure, which speaks the composer's genius.
Awesome composition plus Awesome rendition, makes this song the most-wanted for me. Unfortunately, only half of the song is available there. i guess there is one more charanam , because the song here fades out with tar-shehnai piece.

Now the purpose of posting this blog : I Want this song. Complete Song. Anyone???


Gandaragolaka said...

I dont have the song but I mentioned this song in your blog...(actually posted the link to the song in a comment to your "jaane kya soch kar..")

Gandaragolaka said...

ok.. this comment isnt for this post, but I think I should mention regarding "water" that abt 2 years ago, I had a huge crush on Kaushiki Chakraborty... took colour print outs of her pics and pinned them in my room... looks quite nice actually...

I had just bought her first album called "Footsteps" with Ragas Bhatiyar on side A, and ragas Kaushiki and Pahadi on side B.

Aakarsh said...


album konnnavu sare! mari dhaani copy?duplicate it dude!

Gandaragolaka said...

Ayyo Ayyo!!
AmangaLam prathihatamougaaka!!
Is it the same guy who urged all of us to buy our own copy of TBI??

SVR said...

Do you guys still want this song? I found it (and can mail it...)

Incidentally, is Shyam Kalyan pretty close to Amir Kalyani? A little google seemed to indicate so, but not being able to identify swaras carefully stops me from quite figuring it out :) (though, I guess they may be rendered rather very differently...)