Saturday, July 16, 2005

New Stuff on the Bloc

Two soundtracks which i got to listen to:

1. The Rising : A.R.Rahman

not so great album except for 2 songs...atleast i didnt like...during 1st hearing (i dont know my opinion with every rahman album). not so impressive..especially if we consider the fantastic combination of Rahman-Javed Akhtar...this one surely disappoints..

2 . Yahaan : Shantanu Moitra

Two songs are damn good..especially "naam adhaa likhna" shaan and shreya goshal...guys! she is surpassing herself with every recent singer has been so consistent... When i first heard her in Devdas, i knew she will go places...then Jism(chalo tumko lekar chale), Julie Ganapathy..and couple of Tamil songs for Raaja, Parineeta etc.,,. and now Yahaan..

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Random Walker said...

ya "rising" sucks